ISO 9001 Quality management support system in Ireland.

Why Choose Us?

  • Repower Quality takes a collaborative approach to support your company and Quality teams to reach your Quality goals, objectives and dreams.


  • Repower Quality takes a flexible and holistic approach, to support your company to nurture the culture, drive meaningful changes and continuous Improvements, support implementation and electronic system projects, and facilitate your efficiency by supporting you to lighten your load, remove the bias and challenge your systems.


  • Repower Quality knows that the bedrock of high functioning, efficient and compliant Quality Assurance are the :
    • Quality Systems
    • Quality Teams
    • Quality Dreams


  • Repower Quality also knows that in order to support the bedrock, the environment and Culture are essential. To maintain efficient and compliant Quality Systems, Teams and Dreams, a culture of Quality is required. Repower Quality supports the Quality Culture of your company through the provision of each of its services and by offering and facilitating the Repower Quality Culture Programme to your company.

Learn more about the Repower Quality culture programme here: