Repower Quality Culture Programme

The Repower Quality Culture programme is a flexible and holistic programme that is ready for roll out in any company type of any size. The programme is designed with business improvement, team psychology and Quality Assurance compliance need in mind. The flexible approach means it can be easily adapted to a bespoke Quality Culture programme, specific to your company systems, teams and dreams!

ISO 9001 Quality management support system in Ireland.

How it works

By establishing a baseline in the company Quality culture, Repower Quality collaborates with your team to determine the areas for improvement and engages cross functionally to determine were culture requirements are needed. Repower Quality brings your teams together to engage in team building and supports the planning and goal setting for a bespoke culture programme specific to your company needs.

The benefit of outsourcing identification of baseline culture levels is removal of bias, resulting in more meaningful data gathering, to take accurate forward action when designing your culture programme.

The benefit of engaging and committing your company in a Quality culture programme shows your teams, customers and stakeholders that your company is serious about maintaining your company Quality systems, Quality teams and Quality dreams in a meaningful, dynamic and collaborative way.

The programme fosters creativity and a mindset of innovation and continuous improvement.

Repower Quality can facilitate the Quality culture programme in your company from end to end, or by collaborating at different parts along your company journey.

Items that may be included in your bespoke Quality Culture Programme

ISO9001 accredited company

Baseline surveys and culture data gathering

ISO9001 accredited company

Collaboration with your team to design culture improvement projects

ISO9001 recognized company in Ireland

Bespoke Training creation

ISO9001 accredited company

Data analysis and result reporting and data presentation

ISO9001 accredited company

Team building events and workshops for a Quality Culture

ISO9001 accredited company in Ireland

Employee coaching to support delivery

ISO9001 accredited company

Process mapping and facilitation of brainstorming initiatives

ISO9001 recognized company in Ireland

Industry Hot topic Training Provision & GMP Training

ISO 9001 accredited company

Bespoke training video creation, for ease of future delivery

Quality Culture is a journey, the size of your company and the level of engagement determines the time that a programme takes for roll out from end to end. As with any journey, the view from the top is always worth the climb! Start your company journey now! Find out more

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